Instruments Ltd

was founded in April 2008


logoThe company, based on Länsi-Turunmaa, south-western Finland, was established by Janne Castrén, M.D., the founder of the Arhipelago Doctors private medical service. Our main line of business is to engineer exceptionally practical medical instruments and equipments for professional and every day use. The base for the engineering is dr Castrén´s long experience in demanding circumstances when working as a boat doctor in the southwestern archipelago of Finland. Our first innovative item, the Z-tweezers were established in the summer 2008, and thereafter it has achieved a well known status in many families, and meanwhile it has also become a successfully selling item in many pharmacies throughout the Finland.

A.I. Ltd on Lääkäri Janne Castrénin, Saaristolääkäreiden perustajan, starttaama uusi innovatiivinen yritys, joka perustettiin huhtikuussa 2008 Länsi-Turunmaalle, lounaiseen saaristoon. Yrityksemme keskeisimpänä tavoitteena on suunnitella lääketieteellisiä instrumentteja ja -tarvikkeita sekä ammattilaisille että jokaisen kuluttajan tarpeisiin. Tuotekehittämisen pohjana on lääkäri Castrénin pitkä ja monipuolinen kokemus lääkärin työstä vaativissa olosuhteissa venelääkärinä Saaristomerellä. Ensimmäinen innovatiivinen tuote, Z-pinsetti, lanseerattiin kesällä 2008, jonka jälkeen tuotteesta on tullut monen perheen suosikki, sekä samalla myös monen apteekin hittituote.


ZThe company has now launched the Z-tweezers for the easy and safe removal of ticks. The tweezers design is based on the long-term experience gained by Dr. Castrén from tricky tick removal procedures and the feedback received from patients and colleagues concerning the inadequacy of existing tools.

The Z-tweezers are ideal for removing ticks of all sizes, as well as other foreign objects lodged in the skin, such as wood and glass splinters. The tweezers allow you to take hold of the tick exactly where required, making it possible to pull out the suckers left in the skin after the tick itself is removed. The product is carried by all well-stocked pharmacies.

The right technique for removing ticks and the role of this technique in preventing the transmission of disease

If you get bitten by a tick

Do not
- panic
- scratch or otherwise try to remove the tick stuck to the skin
- apply butter or any other ointment to the tick.
- the Z-tweezers
- apply an antiseptic lotion to the bite both before and after removing the tick
- wash your hands after removing the tick
- carefully clean the tweezers after use.

Quick removal of the tick may prevent the pathogens from being transmitted from the tick to the bloodstream. In particular, the transmission of the borrelia bacteria may be prevented if the tick is removed within the first few hours.
The pointed Z-tweezers provide the best way of removing ticks because they permit the tick's head to be held firmly without squeezing its body (if the body is squeezed, the tick may inject pathogens, such as borrelia bacteria, into the bloodstream).